Importance of a Mattress Foundation
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One of the most consistently overlooked components of a luxury mattress buying decision is the quality of the foundation that sits underneath the mattress itself.

How this came to be, no one is sure exactly, but the fact that this portion of our beds is also popularly known as a box spring (and even platform) just confuses the matter further.

To help clarify the differences between all the various mattress industry words for “that thing that sits directly underneath your mattress”, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to choose the right foundation for a great night’s sleep.

Box Spring vs. Mattress Foundation

If you’ve already noticed that the “box” which sits underneath your mattress doesn’t seem to have any actual springs inside of it, that’s because it probably doesn’t. At least, not anymore.

It used to be the case that bedding manufacturers actually incorporated thick, highly supportive springs into the mattress foundation as a supportive base for the thinner, more adaptive springs in the mattress itself.

At some point along the way, however, companies started realizing that they could save a lot of money if they just removed the springs from the mattress foundation altogether.

Needless to say, this penny-pinching idea didn’t exactly bode well for the long-term reputation of spring-based beds, but at least, it explains why that box sitting under your mattress is nothing more than a frame of wooden slats with some cheap fabric strewn over it.

Mattress Foundation vs. Platform

The concept of putting actual springs into a mattress foundation has been overlooked for so many years now that some manufacturers don’t even see the need to include any type of mattress foundation at all anymore.

While the “platform” bed might look minimalistic and sexy in home decor magazines, in terms of sleep it’s just another whittling down of what a luxury sleep system should be: a quality mattress that works in unison with an equal quality foundation for an overall better sleep experience.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Foundation

Regardless of whether you decide on a luxury mattress based on micro coils, latex, or memory foam, a golden rule of thumb is that the foundation that accompanies the mattress should be made with just as much attention to detail as the mattress itself.

If anyone tries to tell you that your new mattress doesn’t need a foundation because it’s made of such quality materials that no foundation is required, you should definitely see that as a red flag.

A true luxury sleep system requires numerous layers of quality materials that work together in a very specific combination to provide the ideal sleep surface.

Suddenly cutting that thickness in half without expecting any sacrifice in comfort is the equivalent of sitting on your couch cushions on the floor and claiming it’s just as comfortable as being on the couch itself.

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A Guide to Better Sleep: Is a Luxury Bed Right for you>