Lineage. Pride. Tradition.


To fully grasp the level of detail that goes into making a Spink & Co mattress, it’s important to understand where our materials originate. We’re the only farm-to-bedroom mattress brand in the world that cultivates wool, hemp, flax (linen), and other natural bedding materials on our very own 130-year-old family farm in the English countryside.



Here in Northern England’s countryside, hundreds of fertile acres wind along secluded riverfront, ancient forest and protected hedgerow. We raise hand-selected Texel/Leicester and Swaledale sheep for their thicker, more resilient wool, along with supple hempure, velvety linen and an array of other strategic crops all grown responsibly from properly protected soils.


Wool has properties unlike any other fiber on Earth. Yes, it’s warm, but it’s also naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, fire retardant, and even mold resistant.


Cotton has long been among the most popular fibers in the world due to its softness and versatility. Cotton also keeps you as warm in the winter as it does cool in the summer.


Hemp is blended into our bedding fabrics for the strength and lifespan it can add to more delicate fibers. Like wool, it’s also naturally mold and mildew resistant.


Flax has been the primary ingredient in linen for thousands of years. When blended with other fibers, it increases strength while helping them stay cool and dry.

Spink & Co. Because a family name still means everything.