Comfort that Withstands the Test of Time


Constructed with British farm-grown materials and unwavering attention to detail, Spink & Co beds fit the “Best In Class” category for sleep products in the United States.  Our unique incorporation of patented micro-coil technology has resulted in an innovative new line of products that’s exclusively American.  Born in England. Made In USA.

Natural Comfort Layers
Micro Coils
5-Zone Pocketed Coil


Every Spink & Co USA mattress is comprised of three principal layers which help give it a superior level of comfort that lasts longer than most beds being made today. Each unique layer is integral to the bed as a whole.

  1. Natural Comfort Layers
  2. Micro-Coils
  3. 5-Zone Pocketed Coils


Simon Spinks is the sixth-generation heart and soul behind Spink & Co’s name in Great Britain. To this day, he oversees the Yorkshire countryside farm where we source much of the wool, flax, cotton, and hemp used in our beds.

Thanks to his heartfelt dedication and meticulous supervision, Spink & Co USA has evolved from an unimaginable concept into a fully realized dream come true.

Simon Spinks

Beneath the rich layers of Yorkshire wool, hemp, and linen lies an elaborate layer of micro coils. Our proprietary design incorporates thousands into each and every bed, creating unmatched levels of quality and durability.

Leggett and Platt, a global leader of innerspring design, has engineered our 5-zoned pocketed coil innerspring core to establish the ideal nucleus of support in every bed we make. All of our beds feature a unique Quantum Edge border that is 26% more durable than the foam edge used by most of our competitors. This means you can sleep right up to the edge without any perceivable collapsing support. An added benefit of Quantum Edge technology is superior mattress flexibility, making our beds ideal for adjustable bases.



Not to be confused with old-fashioned “springs,” precision micro coils are the result of cutting-edge engineering that provides consistent, long-term comfort. These micro coils are scientifically proven to be more durable, maintaining their form and integrity longer than materials such as latex, memory foam, and poly foam used in most other mattresses on the market.

Below we see the results of a Firmness Loss Test, which uses a weighted roller to cycle up and down the length of the mattress, simulating the loss of resiliency after 10 years of wear and tear. Your Spink & Co bed will deliver first-day comfort year after year.

Source: International Testing Center


Spink & Edgar Oeko Textile Certification

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.

Born in England, Refined in America


When we first launched Spink & Co USA, our top priority was to preserve the same uncompromising standard of quality and attention to detail that has allowed our brand to thrive in England for over 130 years.

If there’s one small area where American know-how can make a positive contribution to this standard, it’s our uncanny ability to incorporate technology for the better. The Sherwood name is backed by three generations of outstanding quality products, and we’re honored to have them alongside us as manufacturing partners.

Spink & Co USA beds are made in America, under the careful expertise of a third-generation mattress-building family manufacturer.

Spink & Co US Factories


Our US factories – Tolleson, AZ; Lewisville, TX; Orlando, FL; and Walton, KY – are strategically located across the United States to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and consistently produce our technically advanced mattresses at the highest quality.

Each production facility incorporates state-of-the-art machinery for unmatched precision, and master craftsmen carefully guide quality at every stage of the process.

Nature & innovation in perfect alignment.